This is a culmination of my lifes work in the design world, but definitely is not the complete version as there are obvious limitations to what I can put on here. To see more or if interested in seeing more, feel free to contact me through my contact page. Also please feel free to leave a comment (I don’t mind the mean ones either, just as long as they are constructive criticisms meant to improve my work).

Through the years of working in the design field, as well as my education history in the classroom learning and improving my design techniques, I’ve encountered many problems, issues with the technology and software, to just trying to stay up to date with the graphic design world in general. Here are a couple quotes I’ve lived by, sweat by, cried by, through the years…

“One can only learn by the mistakes one has made in life, don’t let those keep you from becoming who and what you are meant to be, become a stronger human being because of them.”

“The only people who fail, are those that give up on what they dreamed of.”

Thanks for coming, hope you enjoy

Have fun!